Friday, June 14, 2013

Take Time


"Remember how short my time is ... "
Psalm 89:47 NKJ


Those of us heading for the sunset realize the value of time. And it's true that the older we get the faster it goes! We have to both make and take time for that which is most important in our life. I found this jewel in the 12/12/1940 issue of the Florida Baptist Witness which reminds me of the importance of this:


  • Take time to work -- it is the price of success.
  • Take time to think -- it is the source of power.
  • Take time to play -- it is the secret of perpetual youth.
  • Take time to read -- it is the foundation of wisdom.
  • Take time to worship -- it is the high way to reverence.
  • Take time to be friendly -- it is the road to happiness.
  • Take time to dream -- it is hitching our wagon to a star.
  • Take time to love and be loved -- it is the privilege of the gods. Selected.

So, dear friend, take time today for what is really important! We do not know what tomorrow may bring. And then it's too late.

Pat Nordman

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