Saturday, June 1, 2013

An update and a personal note

My first online publishing began in the early 1990's.  I had three several web sites at that time. One was Angels a Biblical View. Another was "Christian Quotations  The third was the "Daily Miscellany" which first appeared appeared on the web in August of 1992.  The Daily Miscellany started as a one short page.  It grew to  3 separate sections each of which had multiple articles.  The "Soul Food" pages had a daily scripture verse, a quotation, Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotions, a link to read the Bible through in a year, and one or more short devotions.  At that time I had three great on-line friends who wrote devotions for me. The Daily Miscellany continued until Yahoo discontinued the Geocities websites.  At the closing at the site there were more than 1000 devotions, and more than 3000 quotations on these pages.  Pat Nordman is still very active and publishes frequently on her blog.  (Please visit it here Light for the Way )  Cathy Vinson and husband Ed have a ministry in  Mechanicsville, Virginia. Tim Knappenberger  is retired from writing but still involved in active Bible study.

I am finding it difficult to maintain a lengthy daily blog.  Perhaps you have noticed blogs are only kept up on weekdays.  I find that I may not be able to keep up with the lengthy weekday blogs. I am trying to shorten the blogs so that I can still have several every week.  The problem with many short devotions is that one can pick and choose random verses and easily misuse them.  A verse out of context can be used to prove a non-biblical view. I will do my best not to fall into that trap.

Starting June third, I will away from my computer for a time for a planned surgery.  I hope to get back to the blog as soon as possible. In that period of time Pat Nordman has given me permission to use her devotions from the old Daily miscellany.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please pray that I might continue with this blog and that God might speak to us through the study of His word.  Pray that we will not promote any false doctrine.  Pray that our walk with God will be closer every day.  Pray that unbelievers will hear the Gospel and called by God to become believers.

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  1. Dearest Phil!

    I just came across this - thanks so very, very much for the plug! My best to you on your surgeries, please keep us up on how you do after your surgeries. God bless you, dear, dear friend!