Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joy and the "I AM"

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Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice.  
Philippians 4:4


Over the last several blogs we have looked at a number of the I AM statements in the Scriptures. God defined Himself as the I AM.  God is eternal.  He is the Beginning and the End.  He is eternal.  God has always existed and always will exist.  Jesus repeatedly said that He was the I AM.  This was a way that Jesus identified Himself with God.  Jesus is God.  Jesus is God the Son.  God,  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the One triune God.

The above verse in Philippians really does have a  connection to the I AM statements of Jesus.  In Philippians, Paul talks a great deal about joy.  Paul had been in many horrible situations that one would think that he knew little joy.  Paul, however, was filled with joy. Paul tells us that joy is not to be found in situations, but in the Lord.  Joy and rejoicing are a response to the Good News of Jesus Christ.   Joy can be found even in the midst of suffering.  joy is found in Christ, not in good circumstances. We will all face troubles in our lives.  Christians are not exempt from pain or troubles.  We as Christians can rejoice in trials.  We can be assured that Jesus is using those situations to improve our character and to bring us closer to Him.

In his Charles Swindoll's book  Laugh Again, he points out that joy is something that we seem to be missing in our lives today.  We can allow many things to steal our joy. We need to clear away these things that we allow to spoil our joy.  Many times we allow things from the past to steal our joy.  Even though we have basically resolved these things, we still leave them in the way of our joy. Something from our past can easily spoil our joy for today. We can allow our past to ruin today and our tomorrows.

Here is where we can see Jesus as the I AM.  Jesus is alive today.  Jesus is with you today.  We need not worry over yesterday or the future.  As Christians our past and future sins are forgiven.  Our future in Him is secure. We must live for Jesus.  We must live in this day.  We can put our trust in the I AM. Jesus is not the I was.  Charles Swindoll states, "Joyful people stay riveted to the present––the hear and now, not the then and never."   Swindoll suggests that this poem of Helen Mallicoat can make a contribution to one's life.


I Am 

I was regretting the past 

and fearing the future. 

Suddenly, my Lord was speaking.

"My name is I Am."

He paused. I waited. 

He continued."

When you live in the past,with its mistakes and regrets,it is hard. I am not there.My name is not "I was."

When you live in the future,with its problems and fears,it is hard.
I am not there.

My name is not "I will be.
When you live in this momentit is not hard. I am here.My name is "I AM."

By Helen Mallicoat 


True joy can only be found in the I AM.  Find true joy today. Trust in the "I AM."  

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