Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another day - Psalm 118:24

Not now  — I'm ready to bloom

This is the day the Lord has made; 
let us rejoice and be glad in it. 
Psalm 118:24 HCSB

I woke up early.  Didn't sleep well. I was off work last night - that meant I was able to sleep at night like normal people.  I should have slept better. I slid out of bed and headed toward the bathroom.  My knees were killing me, my neck was aching and my nose was stuffed. The soap container at the sink was empty, there we now towels on the towel rack.  I peeked outside it was a gorgeous day – overcast, rain and snow mix.   My day was getting better by the minute.  Our dog, Hoover, followed me down the stairs.  I got his bowl to feed him – I still hadn't remembered to get dog food.  There was enough to feed him for maybe two more days.  I had to go to the pet shop today.  I didn't want to go out in this weather.  I had a lot of things to do today, and I had to go to work again tonight.  (Why in the world was I scheduled to work 3 nights off 1, work 3 off 1, work 3 –– that's impossible for midnight shift!   When do you sleep).

I made up my mind that this day was not going to be a good day.  I was determined to be angry and upset all day. The day was going to get worse – I knew it.  I was going to do everything possible to make this a lousy day.

 Luther says of Psalm 118, "This is my Psalm, the one which I love." "Jehovah" occurs twenty-two times, corresponding with the numbers of letters in the Hebrew alphabet; "Jah" occurs five times. This Psalm was sung by the restored exiles, when they laid the foundation of the second Temple (Ezra 3:10, 11). The verse above Psalm 118:24 is a good verse to remember. In the context of the verse it refers to the festival day that was the occasion of the psalm.

The psalm is also a Messianic psalm. Psalm 118: 19-29  tell of the future coming of Christ and His kingdom. For the nation of Israel, the the day Lord made is the day He gave them victory over their enemies.  For those of us today it is the of the coming of the Messiah. It is the resurrection of Jesus, with the promise of victory death. The praise is because God has brought us complete salvation.

Spurgeon writes: We observe the Lord's day as henceforth our true Sabbath, a day made and ordained of God, for the perpetual remembrance of the achievements of our Redeemer. Whenever the soft Sabbath light of the first day of the week breaks upon the earth, let us sing. ... We by no means wish to confine the reference of the passage to the Sabbath, for the whole gospel day is the day of God's making, and its blessings come to us through our Lord's being placed as the head of the corner. We will rejoice and be glad in it. What else can we do? Having obtained so great a deliverance through our illustrious leader, and having seen the eternal mercy of God so brilliantly displayed, it would ill become us to mourn and murmur. Rather will we exhibit a double joy, rejoice in heart and be glad in face, rejoice in secret and be glad in public, for we have more than a double reason for being glad in the Lord.

We all have bad days. We have days when we don't feel like rejoicing.  Days when physical health, our mood, our sorrow, our situation seems overwhelming.  When you don't feel like rejoicing, those are the days when we need to rejoice even more.  We need to talk to God and tell Him how we feel. God has given us many reasons to rejoice.  Tis is a new day, a day of opportunity to rejoice.  A day to live, serve and praise Him. Be Glad - Give God the glory.


While walking along a busy street one day, I heard someone singing. His sweet voice was distinguishable even above the noise of the traffic. When I located him, I noticed that he had no legs and was pushing himself through the crowd in a wheelchair.

Catching up with him, I said, "I want you to know, friend, that to hear singing from a person in your condition gives everyone else a lift."

He answered with a grateful smile, "When I stopped at what I had lost and began concentrating on all I had left, I found much for which I could rejoice and be happy."
—H. G. Bosch

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