Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Sacrifice

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The Sacrifice

No other sacrifice would do.
God sent His son to die for me and you.
Let this cup pass from me, Jesus cried,
It wasn't enough though, until, He died.

On the cross again Jesus cried,
He had suffered enough so He died,
Now God was fully satisfied.
Never again, would He be tested and tried.

Now we come to God, in Jesus name,
The One that was and will always be the same.
How would I have ever known the way.
If Jesus had not come and died that day.

God thought His plan out very well,
Because He knew without His Son's death, I would go to hell.
Then the time came and He died for me that day.

Many years have come and gone,
And things are certain to go wrong,
Satan sees to it that it happens that way,
But sacrifice was sufficient for me on that day.

Now, no other sacrifice is needed,
My life according to His word I have heeded.
His word now always shows me His way,
All because He sacrificed His life for me that day.

So now the only sacrifice I ask of you.
Is to give your life to me and I will show you what to do.
And I will keep you as you go down life's pathway.
As I listened to my Father and died for you that day.

Philip C. Vinson 11/1/99

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