Monday, August 18, 2008

The Tiger Swallowtail

8-15 tiger swallowtail, originally uploaded by ransome.

This is my first Blog. Probably no one will see it but me. I almost hope that no one else sees it. I'm not sure what to say.

I took this picture a couple of days ago. Through the lense of the camera I saw that the creature was quite beautiful. I couldn't really see it as close as it turned out to be in the photo. I missed all the detail. Though the creature was beautiful, I discovered that there was much more there than initially met my eye.

I guess that this is true of lots of things in life — especially people. There is often much more there than one sees at first glance. Look closer. Check the details. One can then see beyond what was first noticed. There is likely beauty there that one might never found having not looked closer

Now that I discovered that — will I put it to use? Will I be too quick to judge? Probably! But I hope to slow down, take a closer look, try to see every person in a better light (one without prejudices). Try to see where they are coming from. Look for their beauty, their distinctiveness. After all, that is what I expect others to do for me. I want them to look past their first impression — take a closer look.

So, if you see some short, fat, poorly dressed old man walking down your street — Look Closer — it may be me. I might have some value. After all, we were all created in God's image.


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  1. Phill, your comments are thought provoking. How true that in our hurried lives, our first impressions may really miss the mark. It is sad that we miss out on some very rewarding insights by not taking the time to get beyond the "greetings in passing" and spend time really getting to know a person.
    In regard to seeing the details in everyday things around us: I have very little patience with people who complain of being bored. There is so much interesting stuff to see all around us, in the way the color of the sky can change so quickly as the sun is setting, or how the leaves are arrange on a branch, or the way the wind has blown the snow into graceful swirls and ridges. This list can go on and on. Anyway, the details are very important, in any part of our lives.